Countering leg kicks is obviously very important in Sanda and every other style of kickboxing. Today we have the pleasure of being joined by Kin “Kong” Moy (IG, blog), a professional fighter out Boston, to show us a few different ways to defend and counter an incoming leg kick!

When it comes to countering leg kicks, checking, bracing or catching are always options. You can also evade and quickly counter to take advantage of your opponent reacting/recoiling after missing their target. When evading, pay attention to the positioning of your arms, hips, and legs. The movement is quick and light so you can respond as soon as the kick passes you. Once you evade, you have options when it comes to countering the leg kick.

  1. Step back to evade to put yourself in range for a rear round kick.
  2. Step back by switching your stance and throwing a rear kick (with what was previously the front leg).
  3. Move in to really surprise your opponent and strike following the motion of their leg returning to a fighting stance.

Of course, practice makes perfect, and these options are great set ups for more complex exchanges. Start slow though, and add to it as you feel comfortable with the footwork and movement. Try it out and let us know what you think!

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Many thanks to Kin for joining us today and sharing his awesome techniques!