Kin “Kong” Moy is back in the gym with us to bring you this week’s Technique Tuesday. Today we’re learning about defending hooks from the lead hand and an interesting way to counter.

Typically when the lead hook is thrown, we block and roll away from the hook. We then counter with the opposite side. While the block is effective, the counter is predictable and your opponent can easily block it. To mix it up, strike with the same side you are blocking the lead hook. You can then follow up with an opposite hook and low kick or knee.

Countering with the same arm you are blocking works because after the strike, your hand is closer to your opponent’s head than their hand is. You can strike before they can return their hand to block.

A key element of this counter is in how you block the lead hook. You must rotate your shoulder out to put your hand between your head and your opponent’s fist. This gives you ample room to counter with a cross in a straight line. If you keep your right shoulder too far forward, you won’t be able to deliver the cross in a straight line and it will be more of a slap downward, which has considerably less power.

Check out the video and come practice defending hooks and other techniques in our gym. Our schedule of classes covers all aspects of Sanda and other fighting arts. Sign up for a class and we’ll see you on the mats!