It’s the dead of winter and you are snowed in. What do you??? Conditioning drills, of course! What better way to stay warm and improve your kicking skills. Check out the video above for a beginner kickboxing conditioning routine you can do safely at home.

Keep track each time of how many you do in 60 second round. Try not to take breaks longer then 15-20 seconds in-between each exercise.

  • Squat hops *Variation with 180° turning squat hops
  • Push ups *Variations with close, wide, knuckle, & finger tip push ups
  • Sit ups *Come all the way up tall with your hands over your head
  • Leg lifts *Keep your head OFF the ground
  • Hip rotations Keep a rhythm and don’t let your knee drop down below your waist. Knee stays in the same spot, hop and pivot on your standing leg, rotate your hips 90°
  • Leg/kick extensions Round kick – pivot 90° so your shin is parallel with the top of a chair, kick through the centerline and pull your leg back the way it came before putting it down.
  • Side kick – chamber your leg before and after the extension of the kick. Pull the knee tight into the chest and hold with both hands (note the position of the hands on the shin) to get the stretch and foot position.
  • Straight kick – chamber your leg high, kick forward and hold for a second before trying to pull your leg back over the top of the chair. Using your hip to get the retraction builds strength but can be difficult!

There you have it! A simple, effective way to keep warm during the winter and get your kickboxing training in on days you can’t make it to the gym. Be sure to check our schedule to see when you can make it in, and sign up for a free trial membership!