For many, it’s been a long couple years of training by themselves thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic looks like it’s hopefully coming to an end. To celebrate, we have a few Sanda kickboxing partner training drills to get you back in the grove of training with others.

The first drill is based off of the first combination that’s taught in the curriculum – jab, cross, and a rear leg straight kick. You and your partner can take turns lightly practicing the combination on each other. It’s important to do more than just the combination though. Practice footwork, timing, and defense as well.

Back and forth kickboxing partner drills are a great way to train clean, controlled mechanics for basics. When working these combinations, focus on keeping good form and structure. Also, maintain proper distance and target your strikes. Your goal at first is to get comfortable with the basics of offense and defense. Eventually, you will build endurance from trying to “chase” each other back and forth. This training is the foundation for a more complex defensive strategy as well as harder combinations and offensive options.

To learn more and go beyond the basics, check out our schedule and join us for a class! We are currently offering free trial memberships with no commitment to any new members.