There’s no way around it, this pandemic has been hard on all of us.  Weeks have turned to months and we hope you and those you care about are healthy and safe.  Gyms and instructors have had to turn to online classes to provide training opportunities for their students.  While personally, the transition has been smoother than we expected, we thought it prudent to provide some tips for how to make the best of training martial arts online.

Be Consistent

It may have been difficult to figure out availability as everyone’s schedules have changed at least somewhat.  However, now that we are several weeks/months into this pandemic, you should have a pretty good idea of availability.  It is not important to train everyday but it is critical that once you find a schedule that works for you, you must stick to it.  Martial arts, like any skill, takes time and practice.  Being consistent, especially in times like this can help you build your skill-set, create a routine for yourself, and make training a habit.

Use Your Imagination

Most of your training online is going to be centered around shadowboxing of some kind if you do not have access to a heavy bag.  Shadowboxing is a very important skill to have.  You must be able to imagine an opponent in front of you and visualize their movements as you work on footwork, distance management, and striking.  Be creative! Imagine that someone you wouldn’t mind stepping in the ring with is your opponent and go to town.  If you really want to get deep, imagine your opponent is your former self, and win!

Interact With Your Class

Just because you are training without a partner doesn’t mean you are on your own.  Remember to ask questions to your instructor and get feedback.  Feedback is the main benefit of training on Zoom vs an instructional video.  Interaction is valuable, especially now, when so many of us are feeling isolated.  If you are a member of school, you are part of a community, and that community doesn’t go away, even if the school isn’t open right now.  Catch up with your instructor and other students before and after class.

Treat it Like In-Person Training

Following up on the prior point, treat your online classes as if you were in a school.  Have a dedicated spot to train in, if possible, with limited distractions.  Also, stick around for the entire class.  If you need to leave early, let your instructor know.  The more normal you treat your training, the more normal it will feel.

Stay Positive

This situation is not ideal, and a lot of people are suffering.  However, your attitude and how you respond goes a long way.  From a training perspective, so many great coaches are making themselves available to train with online, it is an excellent opportunity to train with those you would not have the opportunity to under normal circumstances.  We at Sanda have been able to host classes led by coaches across the globe and it’s been a great experience.  Take advantage of every opportunity!
With these tips you will be able to make the most out of your online training and continue to grow as a martial artist and human being.  Never forget that you are not alone in your training or any aspect of your life.  If you are looking for online training, we offer a full schedule of classes.  Be safe and we will see you on the mats when it’s appropriate!