This week’s Technique Tuesday is from our special guest, Lionel “Boogz” Young, a professional MMA fighter out of Boston. He stopped by to breakdown a simple MMA jab counter that utilizes a standard striking combination.

Immediately get your head off the centerline as soon as the jab comes in and counter to the body with a left strike followed by an over-hand right, then a lead hook again to the body. This will cause your opponent to bring their guard in which will give you a good angle to throw a rear round kick to the outside of their leg. That’s it! A simple but effective counter.

As you practice this counter, play with the timing and reaction off the jab. Notice the flow of the combination is low, high low with the hands. Work on maintaining your balance as you shift off the centerline and throw your strikes. Make sure your stance is nice and solid so all the energy from your strikes goes towards your opponent. Your stance needs to be sturdy for MMA counters since the takedown is always in play.

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