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We are home to the ONLY Sanda and Shuai Jiao programs in Boston, and we live to help train you!

Our focus is not just on competitive combat sport and fitness! Our classes offer a wide range from basic fitness for people looking to get off the couch and get in shape to boot-camp style HIIT workouts. We offer fun Sanda kickboxing and wrestling classes that incorporate a great physical workout and experience of learning a fun combat sport without the worry or need to spar or get injured. All sparring classes are optional, so students can have fun and get in shape just like the professionals without the stress of needing to jump in the ring.

From beginners interested in learning something new and unique to seasoned athletes looking to push the limits of their martial arts and fitness, we offer a great spread of classes that are right for you. With a state of the art, clean, and safe facility you can train with the best to be the best. We offer a fun and powerful approach to fitness and martial arts that everyone will love.

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