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We offer a full schedule of classes unique styles of Sanda kickboxing, Shuai Jiao and Bokh wrestling, MMA, condition classes, and more. We offer intense conditioning classes to help students get into fighting shape as well as designated sparring classes for those who are looking to get into competition. Our core classes offer the best instruction in Chinese kickboxing and wrestling where you can learn applicable fighting skills while getting a great workout and meeting your personal martial arts and fitness goals.

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Sanda (sometimes seen as “Sanshou”) is a Chinese form of freestyle combat sport kickboxing and is a system of self-defense trained by the chinese military. Sanda is a martial art which was originally developed on the study and practices of traditional Wushu (Kung Fu) and modern combat fighting techniques.

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Shuai Jiao is a traditional Chinese jacket wrestling style of martial art used to throw or take down an opponent. This art shares many similarities with other wrestling styles and is a major influence of Japanese Jujitsu, Judo and Aikido.

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This program gives students a closer look at the techniques used in Sanda both as a competitive fighting sport and their application in modern MMA. Four categories of fighting including striking (Da), kicking (Ti), wrestling (Shuai), and joint locks (Na) are examined and practiced.

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This program is a non-contact fitness class using fighter training methods in a circuit style workouts. This is ideal for students and athletes of all levels as it is a great way to prepare students for the physical demands of combat sports.

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Sparring is a pivotal part of any martial arts training. Sparring teaches you the timing and strategies to implement your technical learning of Sanda. Bringing all your skills and training together to flow freely and at random is the true meaning of “Sanda”.

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