Shadow boxing is one of the most important aspects of training that is often overlooked. Shadow boxing is a part of training that easily can, and should, be done every day. Sometimes, especially for beginners, it can feel a little weird to practice shadow boxing. It can make you feel a little silly, especially if you don’t have the techniques or footwork down quite yet. Here are some tips to get the most out of shadow boxing:

Work both offense and defense

It’s important to focus on both aspects of fighting when you shadow box. You will want both your offense AND your defense to come out in your fight, so do more than throw strikes!

Keep a good sense of opponent

Focus on the opponent in your mind. Where is your opponent and where are you striking? What are the strikes that you are defending and where are they coming from? Keep that person in front of you in your mind at all times.

Build habits you want in a fight

Train the way you want to fight. Practice the offense and defense that you will want to implement in your fight. The movements your practice in shadow boxing is what’s going to get built into your muscle memory. Keep it clean and crisp.

Don’t forget to move your feet and head

Movement is critical! Not only will this get your heart rate going and build endurance, but you’ll also improve your ability to strike/defend and move. Be dynamic. Create angles and don’t forget to move your head off the center line.

A few things to avoid…

  • Don’t overthink with too many pauses between strikes.
  • Avoid dropping your hands. Remember that defense is a big part of shadow boxing!
  • Don’t constantly throw strikes. You’ll gas yourself out and forget to work on your defense.
  • Don’t be lazy. Yes, shadow boxing is a great way to warm up, but get the most out of it by really practicing what you want to see come out in your fight. Keep your head in the game.
  • Don’t shut off after throwing a combo. Keep your hands up, don’t break your stance, and don’t break your guard. Remember your sense of opponent. Also remember that you are only fighting one opponent so keep that opponent in front of you.
  • Don’t worry about the clock. The bell will ring!

Alright, that covers shadow boxing. Again, this is one of the most important training exercises you engage in. Make the most of it. Check out our schedule and sign up for a free class to work on your shadow boxing skills at much more.