Today we are going to focus on how to set up the spinning back-fist, which is a unique strike that is present in Sanda kickboxing. The set up for the strike is critical because risk is increased anytime you turn your back to your opponent. The risk can be worth it though, as the spinning back-fist generates significant power and can surprise your opponent if executed correctly.

The key to setting up this strike is to pair it with other strikes or movements that would hide the turn for back-fist. In the example above, we use a basic jab-cross-hook to distract while our lead leg steps over our centerline to set up the back-fist while giving our hips room to move. Remember, the hook is a set up so we won’t need to worry about power with that strike. We only want our opponent to focus on the movement of our hands so we can take that step off the centerline. It’s important to move our hips, and upper body together as one unit to get maximum power. Avoid striking behind yourself as you will lose power if you do so. We want to strike through the target. You can also do the same spinning movement and throw an elbow as well.

This technique takes a bit of practice to get the movement smooth while increasing power and accuracy. If you enjoyed this clip, be sure to check out our schedule and sign up for a free trial membership. You will learn techniques like this and a whole lot more!