Lionel “Boogz” Young, a pro fighter out of Boston, joins us again for our Technique Tuesday post! The technique is a sweep you can execute from the head and arm clinch position. It’s simple, but effective. Let’s dive right into it!

  1. From a tight pull with the lead arm you can control your opponents head while catching the inside of their lead arm with your rear hand.
  2. Lift your opponent’s hand and arm while simultaneously pulling their head forward and down. This positioning gives you the set up for the sweep.
  3. Step outside of your opponent’s stance with your rear leg. Pay attention to the timing of your foot movement.
  4. Keep the upper body and hips connected to your opponent as you turn. Block your opponent’s low with your lead leg. Keep your opponent off balance when turning and keep your elbow high to prevent their ability to defend the sweep.

This sweep is so effective because the set up takes your opponent off balance even if it’s evaded. Keeping your opponent off balance opens up a multitude of options for follow up. As usual, focus on flow and timing. Start slow and feel for the right moment to execute the sweep.

Once again, a special thanks to “Boogz” for teaching us this technique. Check out our schedule and come train with us to learn more!